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Downtown Harper, Texas

Fence & Gate Contractor for Harper, TX.

Harper is nestled in Gillespie County in the middle of the Texas Hill Country. The recent growth of Central Texas brought families from San Antonio and Austin into the county to raise their families and live a calmer life.

The need for an experienced fence contractor with the knowledge of the obstacles of the Texas Hill Country is very necessary.


  • Rocks
  • Deer
  • Cattle vs Wild Game vs Horse Fencing – it makes a difference
  • Hog Proof
    • The Feral Hog crisis is real and on the rise in Harper and surrounding communities.
    • The wallow and root to destroy the ground, feeders and be detrimental to cattle and game.
  • Water Gaps
    • Protect yourself from unwanted animals.

Not to be overdramatic but the “Forget-Me-Nots” you came to love at home are not going to grow in a hot, humid climate in drought conditions. This goes for hiring the right person for the job. Bringing a fence and gate contractor from San Antonio or Austin to the unknown elements of the land of Harper, Mountain Home and Hunt might cause a headache when the answer was Kerrville Fence & Gate.

The owners of Kerrville Fence & Gate have nearly 30 years’ experience as a Fence Contractor including fencing, custom gate openers and clearing brush.

“KFG is who I hired. The owner brought experience and answered questions before I knew exactly what to ask. He fenced a garden area for my wife, she is very happy with it. Call John at Kerrville Fence & Gate.”
– Bob H.

Last Longer & Stronger!

We use the best Stay-Tuff Fencing with three times the life and almost four times the strength of typical low tensile fencing. The fixed knot fence will stand strong for generations. learn more

Why Apollo Automatic Gate Openers?

The team at Kerrville Fence & Gate ONLY installs Apollo Automatic Gate Systems as they are the highest quality American-made gate openers in the USA. You can count on security and reliability.

Now, what kind of fence do I need?

  1. Barbed Wire Fence
  2. Garden Fence
  3. Cedar Post Fence
  4. Hog Proof Fence
  5. Hill Country Ranch Fence
  6. Deer Proof / High fence Wildlife & Exotics
  7. Water Gap Fencing

Contact Kerrville Fence & Gate today for your property in Harper, Mountain Home, and Hunt. We live here and we serve you.